Reduce your technical overhead, compliance challenges, and overall churn by standardizing on the most all-encompassing software platform available today.

Built by industry veterans, LeadCurrent does everything except generate the leads.


LeadCurrent Exec

Centralized management, tracking, and billing for all multi-channel marketing campaigns.

LeadCurrent Agent

Full suite of call center lead generation and performance tracking tools for agents and managers.

LeadCurrent Generate

API-oriented technology engine to host, target, search, and submit relevant offers and lead gen opportunities - the heart of the system.

LeadCurrent Replay

Automates call recording, storage, indexing, compliance, and end client distribution.

LeadCurrent Connect

API toolkit that allows outside, proprietary systems and websites to integrate with and extend LeadCurrent.

LeadCurrent Consult

Managed services and call center consulting from our team of operational, administrative, and technical support specialists.


After owning and operating 3 successful lead generation businesses over 20 years, and having spent countless hours in call centers, we noticed a few things:


Everybody was struggling. To solve the same problems.

Everybody was solving these problems in their own way, which made it more confusing.

As the industry became more complex, these problems only worsened and compliance became more and more difficult.

Stop reinventing the wheel. 


LeadCurrent provides an industry-accepted, standard set of tools to manage the various operational needs inherent in our industry.

This allows your business to focus on the things that make you different, as opposed to struggling in the areas where you are expected to be the same. 



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